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REM inc solves
International business challenges 

with "speed" and


Accompanying business development
of innovation and globalization

in Europe, North America and the CIS region

REM Performance

24 Countries

with Overseas Partners

3 PJs
Number of
national projects

30 PJs
Number of
current projects

2 Million USD
Amount collected for social contribution


Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, East Asia

Number of projects between Europe and Japan in 2024

Number of projects conducted with Japanese companies in Europe, North America, and the CIS region in 2024.

For Ukrainian refugees in Moldova
Amount raised in one year
(Establishing a system to donate the entire amount to the embassy)


B2B Business Development

International Business Development

Local support for
Overseas projects

Global Marketing
(including on-site)

HR Training

Accompanying comprehensive overseas marketing, from local PR to exhibitions and local company events

Training for next generation leaders and young employees in the European region

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D2C Business Development

Amazon Operation

Comprehensive accompaniment from

opening a store on Amazon overseas in 13 countries to local marketing

Building the foundation for cross-border EC

Comprehensive support for cross-border EC site construction, operation, logistics support, and local marketing

Business Development for CIS Area

Entering the e-commerce market of 300 million people through our independently developed logistics infrastructure

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