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Company Overview

VISION - What we aim for

Connecting "People" and " Products" to accomplish "Things" in the world.

MISSION - Mission

Actively contribute to the realization of Japan's global prosperi

as an overseas business partner of

domestic and foreign companies.

VALUE- value

"Connect" x "Speed" x "Empathy" = Dream Driven 

Connect: We promote your Japanese business together with Japanese professionals.
Speed: We act faster than other countries and companies and take the initiative.
Empathy: We put our feelings into the company's "things" and "people" to make "things" happen.

CEO message

"1.7 million companies compete

in a global market of 7.9 billion people

to Create a new “peak period” for Japan"

I have visited over 40 countries and worked and studied in Germany for 6 years.
Many asked me "Which country is the best country you have ever been to? No matter what wonderful country I went to or lived in, I realized that in the end, my home country is the best.
However, Japan is now in a critical situation.


Due to the declining population, it will become increasingly difficult for domestic companies to grow solely on the back of domestic demand, The "aging of management" will lead to an increase in the number of companies that want to "take over the business" but have no one to take it over and thus go bankrupt even if they are profitable, and the "declining birthrate and aging population" will further accelerate the above problems and the country itself will decline.

In addition, there is the data of "Global Market Capitalization Ranking," which shows the famous comparison between 1989 and 1991. In 1989, there were 32 Japanese companies, including the top 5 monopolies, among the world's top 50 companies, while in 1991, there was only one Japanese company, Japan is certainly losing its global competitiveness.

It is difficult to see and feel this in our daily lives, but this is the reality.

I believe that one answer to this problem is to go outside, not inside, to grab hold of the market.

However, many companies do not want to expand overseas because of a lack of knowledge, connections, data, or manpower. However, the reality is that many companies want to expand overseas but have not yet been able to do so due to a lack of knowledge, connections, data, or manpower.

Therefore, with the desire to promote the overseas expansion of individuals and corporations that dream of expanding overseas, and to make Japan prosperous again, I started my own business and launched REM in the 2020.

Because there is a limit to what Japanese companies alone can do to expand overseas with ALL JAPAN,
With The World, we aim to create a new Japan, not the good old Japan, but a new Japan at its peak, both domestically and internationally.


representative Kensuke Wada

Origin of company name

REM stands for the gap between dream and reality.

A dreamer in Japan who aspires to expand overseas business

An overseas dreamer who aspires to expand business in Japan

A dreamer who aspires to develop his own work in Japan and overseas


For such dreamers, We REM, inc. will be a presence to ensure the realization of each dream and support the overseas expansion of each organization and individual.

company name:  REM Inc
year of establishment: 6th October 2020

Akasaka Office Heights, 4-13-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

​Business description;Overseas expansion support business / art business


Core member

IMG_9117 (2).jpg

Ken Wada


Hayato Kaneda

Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. He received a government scholarship to study sports psychology and business administration at a university in Germany. After graduating from the university, he worked as an overseas corporate sales representative at the German branch of one of the world's top 5 trading companies and later worked in the same position at the German branch of MUFG Bank. After returning to Japan, he founded REM inc in 2020. He has been working to contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy through various initiatives in the art and cross-border fields.

Born in Saitama Prefecture, when he was in university, he carried out a round-the-world university tour with the support of several companies. In 2012, he joined an education business company as a new graduate, and later became a director and vice president. In 2016, after retiring, he established a business development production company. Participated in new businesses of various companies from major companies to medium-sized companies and startups. Since 2018, he has participated in the founding of various business companies and startups. In particular, it specializes in new business planning, development of original educational methods, construction of licensing business models, regional revitalization, and food business development, from conception to strategy implementation.


Shu Hiramatsu 
Director | Creative Director

Born in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Creative director of REM Co., Ltd. From an early age, he learned design while helping his father, who is a photographer and designer. After entering the Tokyo Mode Gakuen Graphic Design Department, he traveled around the world at the age of 20. While traveling around the world, he met many design works and artists, was impressed by the high sense of design and lifestyle, and got a job at a design company after returning to Japan. Mainly experienced in design work such as wedding advertisement shooting, logo mark production, pamphlet production. In 2014, she went to New York to study in order to pursue deeper design. Working as a freelance designer in NY while being in charge of design work. Currently, he inherits his father's company and works hard every day as a representative of the design company.

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