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IP Business -  international development of content IP

Recently, Japan's strength has rapidly shifted from 'manufacturing' to 'content ex. Anime, Manga and Game'. In this situation, REM inc has more than 200 contents as IP, including world-famous anime and games that are developed in Japan.

We strongly believe that the combination of these IPs and the products of our overseas customers, developed by our local partners, will further boost the value of our content.

If you are a content owner interested in expanding your content overseas, or a company wishing to utilize Japanese content for overseas development of your product, please feel free to contact us at the following address if you are interested in our activities.

Service Overview

New product development for overseas markets

Developing new products for overseas markets using popular IPs in target countries.

Production of international fan sites
(For content owners)

Create fan sites in countries where your content is popular, leading to increased product sales, Cultivate sustainable content.

Planning of initiatives to raise awareness

We provide planning, project management, operation and effectiveness measurement services to raise awareness of your products through events and promotions using popular IP in your target countries.

Licensing out
(For content owners)

Assist in the search for out-licensing partners overseas, project management and contract signing.

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