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REM Cross-Border Acceleration

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Overseas business development

The following issues associated with overseas business development are resolved.

Lack of knowledge, connections, data and manpower.

Lack of human resources, in particular, can slow down the speed that is the lifeline of a business, and before you know it, other companies have already taken the lead and there is no room to enter the market.

In REM's overseas business development, business development specialists with experience in various countries act as your 'nth overseas business promoter' to promote your company's overseas business, whether B2B or B2C.


Reference price: USD 300 /month ~

[Case Study]

- Business development of agricultural vehicle bodies in Europe [Kanagawa Prefecture venture company]. 
- Measures to raise awareness of specific music content in Europe [Tokyo-based venture company]. 
- Overseas vegan food market/industry research and awareness raising measures [venture company in Okayama]. 
- Business development in China and the US for multiple types of supplements [Tokyo-based pharmaceutical company].
- Projection mapping business development in Europe [major creative company in Tokyo].
- Building partnerships between prefectural governments and European cities [Kyushu Prefectural Local government].

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Japan Entry

Japan Entry means to bring overseas companies to Japan that are a good match for the businesses being developed by Japanese companies. REM inc started this project around 2020, and has so far succeeded in developing three companies. Since then, the company has continued to promote the business as a local business development project in Japan.

[Case Studies] 

- European BMS software companies
- US In-vehicle radar software company 
- Europe Hydrogen power generation equipment manufacturer Enterprise
- Foreign EV OEM
- Indian telecom infrastructure software company
- Australian SaaS company



International Human Resource Development Project

Dispatch young to mid-career employees of your company to local companies,

At local startups and venture companies

To become a global human resource by actually working

This is a first step service.

We also set up a global round-table discussion, where local residents

​We will not only exchange opinions on local information and strengthen the students' overseas orientation, but also provide a place to obtain live local information.

[Case Studies]

・Major domestic confectionery manufacturer [Global round-table discussion] 
・Major domestic appliance manufacturer [On-site training in Berlin] 
​・Major domestic drinking water manufacturer [on-site training in the US] 

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Overseas Research & Promotion

We provide our research & promotion services for products whose results are still "unknown" such as "products to be launched overseas" or "products that are still in the development stage but we would like to launch overseas in the future to clarify in which countries/cities," "which products" and "how much" they will sell, as well as to promote the products at the same time. We also promote the products at the same time.

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